Health workers may be drawn towards Volkswagen Polo

Individuals working in the health sector are expected to be among the keenest buyers of the latest Volkswagen Polo, it has been revealed.

Speaking to Fleet News, Vincent Kinner, Volkswagen UK head of fleet services, said that some of the developments made to the vehicle could appeal to nurses, doctors and health workers.

He said: "These are the people who still have money to spend and we are convinced they will appreciate the combination of style and quality on offer in this car.

"We also believe the Polo is on course to increase our success rate with councils and local authorities."

Among the changes made to the Polo are new looks alongside better specification levels, while the car is also expected to retain strong residual values.

Mr Kinner added that he expects the Polo to sell 12,000 units this year in a smaller market compared to that which saw 14,000 vehicles sold in 2008.

Volkswagen has stated that the Polo offers enough leg room to comfortably seat four adults.


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