High residuals are a boost to the Volkswagen Polo

The strong residual value of the Volkswagen Polo is one of the key attributes that it holds over its competition in the supermini segment, a review has stated.

According to Channel Four, after three years and 36,000 miles of use, the Polo is expected to retain in the region of 44 to 51 per cent of its original value from new.

This is in comparison to its chief contenders the Ford Fiesta, which is thought will sell for 44 to 48 per cent of its cost from new and the Vauxhall Corsa, which will only maintain between 39 and 43 per cent.

Furthermore, other highlights of the vehicle are noted as being the quality of the cabin and ride that is experienced by a driver.

Meanwhile, the car is said to have a fine interior quality, with the ergonomics revealed as being "first rate".

Overall, it is concluded that the Fiesta may be more fun to drive than the Polo, but the Volkswagen vehicle is "classier and a great all rounder".

Among the interior features that all Polo buyers can benefit from are air conditioning, floor mats and blue instrument lighting, although not all of these features are fitted as standard on all models.


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