Volkswagen Golf Plus offers more all-round space

Motorists concerned that they may be short of space if they buy a Volkswagen Golf Hatchback may wish to investigate a new bigger vehicle.

Although the hot hatch versions of the Golf have only recently been released, Volkswagen is now to launch the Golf Plus.

The vehicle can now be ordered in the UK with buyers having the choice between four engines – two diesel and two petrol.

Meanwhile, the vehicle has been given a new face thanks to the addition of a horizontal grille, while the interior has also been changed.

Furthermore, for the first time in a vehicle in the Volkswagen range, the Golf Plus will include Park Assist technology, meaning it will feature a series of parking sensors on the front, rear and side of the car.

This addition is included for buyers opting for the SE trim level, while those looking to spend a little less could settle for the entry-level S trim offering

Buyers of the Golf Plus will also benefit from more legroom, load space and flexibility.


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