Volkswagen Golf Estate coming later this year

Motorists prepared to delay the purchasing of a new car until the end of the year could profit from owning a Volkswagen Golf Estate.

Fans of the new Golf Hatchback may be interested in the vehicle as it follows much of the same recipe, while offering more space in the boot.

According to Cars UK, "it will be a good car, and it will sell to the ultra-conservative buyer looking for VW reliability and Golf longings who needs more space".

The vehicle will be given the same "smart looking front end" as the hatch, including a new nose, however, there will be some features that will be available for the first time on a Golf Estate, including Park Assist technology and a reversing camera.

Deliveries of the vehicle are expected to begin in the UK in 2010.

According to Volkswagen, the Golf Estate offers motorists 1,550 litres capacity, while also being a practical choice because of the drive and handling it provides.

Overall, it offers a lot of luggage space without sacrificing on performance.


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