Volkswagen Golf driver finds council behaviour ‘disgraceful’

A Volkswagen Golf driver was left without her car for almost three months and owing £2,240 in fines following some antics from Lambeth Council.

Ruth Ducker regularly parks her vehicle around the corner from her home in Camberwell, but was surprised one day to find the car gone, with double yellow lines in its place.

She knew it would not have been stolen as there was no battery in it, something she was about to replace.

It was eventually discovered that the car was lifted from the road by contractors so the lines could be painted and then replaced.

Later that day, some parking enforcers had the car towed away as it was deemed to be ‘illegally’ parked.

However, it needed the intervention of local MP Kate Hoey to get the car back and the finds waived, almost three months after the incident took place.

Mrs Ducker said: "What they did was disgraceful. I’m very grateful to my MP.

"I knew that to pay up would be an admission of guilt, so I decided to fight them. They offered a paltry £100 to compensate for lost road tax, insurance and inconvenience. Needless to say I still haven’t received a penny."

According to Volkswagen, the latest Golf is "refined throughout", while also being the most luxurious, safest and quietest ever built.


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