Motorists spending more time in a car than at home

Picking a car that is comfortable and practical such as a Volkswagen Golf may be necessary for many individuals, as they spend more time in their vehicles than they do at home, new research has revealed.

What Car? stated in a past review of the Volkswagen Golf Hatchback that the vehicle is "refined and comfortable", while the cabin is "classy and practical".

And a car of this magnitude may be needed by one in ten motorists, following research by car insurance specialist Admiral.

The study of 3,000 people found that motorists in London are the most likely to spend lengthy amounts of time in their cars, with 20.8 per cent finding themselves in their car more than they are in their home.

Admiral managing director Sue Longthorn commented: "Drivers could be finding themselves spending so much time in the car because they have a long commute, or thanks to congestion on the UK’s busy roads."

Further findings of the study highlighted that men are three times more likely than women to be in the car more than the house.


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