Latest golf is ‘even more fun’ than existing used Volkswagen Golf models

Motorists who get behind the wheel of the 2010 Golf will find that it is "even more fun" than used Volkswagen Golf models currently on the road, according to a recent review.

Edmonton Metro News reported that the added enjoyment of the car comes from a "presence, sharpness and a power" that has been created by Volkswagen’s Golf redesign team.

The newspaper published its review of the new model following its debut at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto earlier this month.

Characteristics of the updated Golf include a sportier style and a radiator grille that is horizontally aligned with the headlights, as well as chrome styling touches and round instruments on the interior that are borrowed from the Volkswagen Passat.

Motorists on the lookout for a used Volkswagen Golf can choose from a number of different versions of the car, including the Golf S, the Match and the BlueMotion S.

Other popular Volkswagen models include the Polo, the Beetle and the Touareg.


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