Golf Bluemotion revealed

Volkswagen will be wheeling out its most economical Golf at the International Motor Show next month.

The first details of the Golf BlueMotion show that the firm is looking to tackle the environmentally-friendly car market, as the vehicle has a 62.8 miles per gallon fuel consumption rate and emits 119 grammes per kilometre of carbon dioxide.

Six BlueMotion models will be on display when the show kicks off on September 13th 2007, each coming with two equipment options, the Trendline and the Comfortline.

The car offers multifunctional display plus technology, sports suspension and also the gear recommendation arrow so that engines do not become strained.

The eco-friendly climate change message championed by environmental campaigner Al Gore may have been embraced by the company as the Golf is the latest VW brand to wear the BlueMotion badge following in the tyre tracks of the Polo, Passat and Passat Estate.

The Golf BlueMotion will roll into dealerships in early 2008.


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