Head for Hollywood with Volkswagen

Those who are looking forward to the cinema release of action thriller The Bourne Ultimatum can now pretend to be a movie hero themselves with a new stunt simulator from Volkswagen.

The film, which centres on super-spy Jason Bourne – played by Matt Damon, also features a number of Volkswagen vehicles including the Golf GT and Touareg.

On www.bournestuntsimulator.com, car lovers can create a host of stunts using action sequences pre-loaded on the website and watch their handiwork unfold just like a real Hollywood hero.

"The stunt simulator puts movie fans at the heart of stunt scene co-ordination," said Volkswagen Marketing’s Sally Chapman.

"Users can experiment with hundreds of different camera angles, and edit sequences of events just like they would if they were making a real film."

Cars often get starring roles in films, with many becoming an integral part of the movie itself – such as Minis in The Italian Job and Ford Mustangs in the 1960s classic thriller Bullitt.


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