Hammond gives verdict on new Golf GTI

Volkswagen has released its new Golf GTI, which features 17-inch alloy wheels and an engine which can deliver an extra 10bhp.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI hatchback will retail at £23,000, which will get consumers a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that gets from zero to 62 miles per hour in just under seven seconds.

Its fuel consumption is 38.7 mpg and is described by the Richard Hammond in the Mirror newspaper as being a "serious, sensible, tough, usable everyday car".

The Top Gear presenter adds: "It has the kind of competence and confidence you see in top-level sportsmen and women or helicopter pilots."

Ford has also released a new hatchback this month. The new Focus RS has been described by the Sun newspaper as a vehicle which "oozes with attitude".

However, the hatchback will not be released in the US as it hasn’t been "homologated" for that market, which bosses at Ford said would be too expensive, Autocar reports.


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