Which colour Suzuki Alto city car best suits you?

Drivers looking to buy the new Suzuki Alto city car have been invited to take part in an online quiz to find out which colour car best suits their lifestyle.

The survey could mean that a lot more blue used Suzuki cars end up on dealers forecourts as 37 per cent of respondents so far have a style of life suited to a blue Alto.

If blue is your colour then apparently it means that "you are determined and know exactly where you are heading".

Which isn’t to say this isn’t also the case with the 33 per cent who have been advised to buy a pink Alto – a colour denotes shopaholic tendencies and a desire to follow the latest trends.

Commenting on the online quiz’s findings, Rebecca Morrison, CRM Manager for Suzuki GB said: “Creating an individual and fun driving experience is at the heart of the Suzuki brand, and colour is an important element when motorists look to tailor a car to best reflect their persona.

Written by Charlie Christie


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