Skoda shows the way forward with award-winning reversing gadget

Skoda’s Parking Assistant technology has won Sky Motoring’s Best Gadget accolade.

The news could boost interest in used Skodas as consumers continue to associate the company with ground-breaking innovations.

The likes of BMW and Renault were in the running for the award but couldn’t match the PA system which is now a £350 option on all Superb models.

The system detects whether a space is large enough to park in by using a set of ultrasonic sensors placed at various points around the car.

Once this is done all the driver needs to do is put the car in reverse, take their hands off the steering wheel, and control the speed of the car as the car magically parks itself.

You can watch the progress of the manoeuvre on the stereo or sat-nav system if you like.

Sky Motoring’s judges released a statement concluding: "It sounds destined for a slot on ‘It’ll never work’, but we tested it several times and, shock horror, it actually works."

Written by Bobby Minter


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