Kia unveils new ‘self-build’ car

Kia has unveiled its new Concept i, which it describes as a "completely new motoring solution".

The automaker claims that, with this new product, it will become the first manufacturer to offer a ‘modular’ car to British drivers, allowing them to create their own vehicle from a ‘menu’.

With help from their local dealer, Kia customers will be able to select the engine, transmission and trim specification for their new car, as well as choosing from a selection of saloon, hatchback or pick-up rear formats.

Once the specification of the car has been confirmed, dealers can supply the modules to the customer, who can then assemble their new vehicle in their own garage.

Paul Philpott, managing director of Kia Motors UK, described this new offering as "an important step" that will bring "positive results for the brand".

"And this is particularly good for the environment – any parts left over after building the Concept i can be returned to the local dealer which will make sure they are plumbed back into the supply chain," Mr Philpott added.

"The target price is under £4,000 which we think offers excellent value."

Powertrains for the new Concept i will be selected from the range recently launched with the cee’d, while transmission options will range from a four-speed automatic to a six-speed manual.


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  1. Strange one this i thought perhaps wrongly that this would be a kit car something we have been doing in the UK for years and very well i may add,