Kia invites customers on a three-day test drive

Kia has offered customers the chance to takes its new cee’d model on a three-day test drive, an opportunity which it says offers the perfect chance for workaholics to take a break.

The manufacturer refers to recent surveys indicating that less than half of all British workers use up their full entitlement to annual leave.

Among the main reasons given for failing to take time off are heavy workloads and fear of upsetting the boss.

Of those that do manage to get away from work, Kia claims that they are now more likely to fly to a holiday location rather than visit somewhere within the UK.

The automaker claims that its three-day test drive offer will give hard workers "the perfect excuse" to take a break and explore the "peaceful and unspoilt gems" on offer around the British Isles.

"We are encouraging everyone to use their holidays and whisk themselves off for a three-day test drive. People nowadays seem to need an excuse to unwind and do something a bit different so we’re providing them with exactly that," said Paul Philpott, managing director of Kia UK.

"We’re so confident that once anyone experiences the cee’d they won’t want to give it back."


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  1. We took the Kia for a 3 day test drive and having returned it with a tiny stone chip to the bonnet have lost the £250 insurance excess. We have tried to discuss this with Kia but their customer service has been APPALLING. We are still pursuing bthis but all the free advertising that we gave Kia has ended up costing us £250.Although we have a Kia Picanto at the moment will never buy another Kia and will never repeat this experience. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE UP THE 3 DAY TEST DRIVE WITHOUT CAREFUL THOUGHT!!!