Suzuki Launch Cheapest New City Car

Cheapest new city carSuzuki’s £6,000 Alto CZ city car has been named the cheapest new car in Britain.

With CO2 emissions of 99 g/km (no road tax/congestion charge), an official mpg of 65.7, 67bhp, a top speed of 96mph and 0-62 in 13.5 seconds, the Alto CZ’s price is not its only compelling number.

Indeed, this Indian-made, ultra-low cost car is looking to take the lead in the efficiency/environmental stakes, outperforming Citroen C1’s already impressive 62.8 mpg and C02 of 106 g/km. It also does for the Aygo (61.4mpg and 109g/km) and Peugeot 107 (61 and 106g/km). Impressive numbers for cost-conscious drivers.

Suzuki’s special offer of £5,995 expires on 30 September but fill the Alto to the brim and it will simply run and run.



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  1. If you are considering buying one of these throw away cars it is imperative that you remember to remember that the first and most important thing you must do is to drain and refill the cooling system. This is because they are shipped from India with Indian water in their systems and this has been shown to be contaminated with all manner of water borne diseases.