What vehicles will be affected by the London Ultra Low Emission Zone?

I would like to buy a van to covert to a camper. I live on the border of the proposed new ultra low emission zone so will need a vehicle that will meet those standards but I can't find what those standards are. Can you help clarify please.

Asked by jill

The Ultra Low Emission Zone’s not due to come into force until 2020 although the Mayor has proposed starting it early (2019) and extending it.

The Low Emission Zone that’s already in force could affect you depending on the vehicle you buy – vans, minibuses, motor caravans, and some other vehicle types first registered before October 2002 may have to be modified or pay the charge.

For the ULEZ, pre-Euro 4 petrol vehicles and pre-Euro 6 diesel vehicles entering the zone will have to pay the charge in addition to the Congestion Charge.

Vehicles affected by the LEZ

Vehicles affected by the ULEZ


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