Can I use a space saver spare on my Volvo?

I have 18 inch rims on my volvo c30 can I use a 17 inch spacesaver to get me home in the event of a puncture? just to get me home?

Asked by robert macgregor

It’s OK to use a space saver if that was the spare supplied with the vehicle – tyres on the same axle must be of the same size dimensions but the law makes an exception for temporary use spare wheels.

The wheel, tyre size and pressure in combination will have been specified to give a rolling diameter close to that of the road wheels but the C30 has some different size space savers depending on the year/model.

Using the correct size is important as incorrect fitment can cause warning lights to illuminate or damage 4×4 transmissions.

A call to your local Volvo dealer parts department should confirm the correct space saver fitment for your vehicle if you’re not certain. Check the handbook for any additional advice or restrictions on use too. Speed will almost certainly be restricted to 50mph.


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