Toyota unveils improved fuel efficiency in Yaris


Toyota has upgraded its Yaris model for 2009, improving the car’s fuel efficiency to cut running costs and boost its environmental performance.

Used Toyota dealers will be pleased to see the new car’s launch, as it could increase demand for the Yaris model.

"Too often motorists are expected to make sacrifices in performance or comfort for the sake of environmental considerations," Toyota said in a statement.

"Toyota doesn’t believe that needs to be the case and with the launch of its 2009 Yaris demonstrates that lower emissions and fuel consumption can be delivered without compromise," the firm added.

Used Toyota dealers could benefit from the new version’s arrival on the market this month, as drivers trade in their less efficient model for the 2009 one.

The new Yaris includes an automatic "Stop & Start system", which Toyota says gives the car "best-in-class fuel economy".

In a recent review of the 2009 Yaris by AutomoBlog, the latest model was described as "a fun little car with plenty of personality".

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  1. Hi, good overview of the new Yaris’ features for 2009. It’s a surprising car, and a good choice for a sub-compact. The new 5-door hatchback model along with the sedan and 3-door hatch models make it a must to check out if you’re in the market.

    Here’s the review from mentioned in the above article:

    2009 Toyota Yaris Review

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