London dealership creates “dream” Prius

A luxury version of the Toyota Prius, the automaker’s hybrid car, has been developed by one of the company’s dealerships in north London.

Jemca Toyota created the car, recruiting specialist trimmers and suppliers, in order to meet specialist requirements expressed by a customer.

The vehicle’s exterior was sprayed in Brechin slate, a metallic finish usually applied to Lexus models, by Jemca’s approved bodyshop and a set of Fox RS3 wheels were fitted.

On the inside, hand-stitched leather was used to reupholster the seats and in all the work enhanced the car’s value to £32,900.

Roger Hart, Jemca’s Prius sales specialist, said that the dealership is "well aware" of the popularity of the hybrid model, with 176 registered in March alone, but added that it has never had such a specific request before.

"We were delighted to help the new owner achieve just the specification he wanted and believe that the result is the most valuable Prius ever sold in the UK," Mr Hart added.

"It might seem an unlikely car to personalise in this way, we’ve shown just what can be achieved and how far we can go to help our customers obtain exactly the car they desire."


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