Smart to be electric on the road

A company which refurbishes period buildings has been invited to trial two electrically powered smart ed cars.

Refurb-a-sash are putting the cars to work daily as pool vehicles for their estimators, surveyors and technical staff to visit installation sites and potential clients in the London area.

The cars have a range of about 70 miles between charges, and have no emissions at all. They also have a top speed of 60 mph. The cars can accelerate to 30 mph in 6.5 seconds.

Dermot Kelly, managing director of Mercedes-Benz cars, said: "This market trial is an important part of our commitment to sustainable mobility and we’re delighted that Refurb-a-Sash is taking part.

"Their application is ideally suited to demonstrate how pure electric drive vehicles are both a practical and useable alternative to petrol/diesel powered cars."

Adrian Thompson, managing director of Refurb-a-Sash, comments: "As a business based in a residential part of London we recognise the importance of conservation and the need to protect the environment. The smart ed has zero emissions which is not only good for the environment but makes sound business sense."

It is hoped that the Smart ed car will go on sale once trials have been completed, but in the meantime the smart fortwo hybrid, which switches off at speeds below 5mph to save up to one fifth of fuel, will be on sale later in the year.


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