Renault Group announces Renault Ireland acquisition

Renault has reached an agreement to acquire one of its importers.

The French car manufacturer will purchase Irish firm Glencullen Distributors subject to the agreement of the appropriate authorities from November 1st 2007.

This comes as part of the company’s plan to roll out its Renault Commitment 2009 for the Irish market, with the automaker looking for nine per cent market share on the Emerald Isle by 2010.

Rachid Assas, future marketing director at Renault Ireland praised the contribution made by chairman Bill Cullen over the last two decades.

He said: "We are grateful to Bill Cullen for the outstanding job he has done for 21 years in Ireland, which will definitely enable Renault to become a leading brand by 2009, in terms of customer satisfaction, quality and profitability."

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company saw a 5.4 per cent increase in new car registrations in France over September 2007 against the same month in 2006.


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