London shoppers to get sneak preview of Renault Laguna Coupe

Car fans who visit the new Westfield London shopping complex can get a sneak preview of the Renault Laguna Coupe, which goes on sale from January 2nd.

Interest in the car is likely to boost the attraction of used Renault cars as the motor incorporates many of Renault’s trademark features.

Unfortunately it will be a case of ‘look but don’t touch’ as the new car will be housed in a perspex ‘safety box’ but shoppers can still get a great idea of the vehicle’s contours and shape.

The model on display is Oyster Grey, a great choice of colour for those who love stylish four-seaters.

It is certain that the car will have no shortage of admirers as 60,000 visitors per day make the consumer pilgrimage to the 43-acre shopping mecca which has 280 retailers and 47 eateries.

You’ll have to hurry to catch sight of the Laguna as it will only be on display until January 24th, with a £20,552 price tag stuck on its shiny windscreen.

Written by Mickey Sparks


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