Nissans praised for Africa trip

A pair of Nissan 4x4s used during a cross-continental voyage have been called "amazing" by the drivers after they suffered just one puncture throughout the whole 15,000-mile journey.

The Nissan Patrols accompanied Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on the Long Way Down expedition, which involved the duo riding their motorbikes from John o’Groats to the bottom tip of South Africa.

Driving the 4x4s were crew members Russ Malkin and David Alexinian, who said the specially modified Patrols did not let the team down once.

"I finished on the same four tyres I left on," said Mr Malkin. "The cars became the mothership of the journey, offering shelter during the more hazardous moments – they really did the job."

The off-roader patrol model is currently available in two variations – the Trek and the Aventura.


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