Nissan reveals Mixim details

Nissan will be showing off an all new concept car exclusively at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September 2007.

The Mixim is inspired by technology and the internet, gaming in particular, featuring an interface that may be familiar to computer fans.

Its driver’s seat is located centrally, with two seats either side, while it is powered by Nissan’s electric Super Motor generator running on compact lithium-ion batteries.

Although the car will not go into production, it does match the Japanese manufacturer’s green credentials.

"Mixim’s development is in line with the Nissan Green Programme, the company’s publicly stated desire to create a more sustainable mobile society," the firm stated.

Nissan will also be showing their Micra Colour & Concept show car, as well as a new Micra at the exhibition.

The Nissan Micra was originally introduced in October 1982 in response to Honda’s successful City line.


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