Nissan plant hits production milestone

Nissan has announced that its manufacturing plant in Oppama has produced its 15 millionth vehicle.

The site reaches the milestone 46 years after it was opened with a Tilda hatchback produced for the African market the landmark car.

Opening in 1961, the plant had produced five million cars by 1978 and ten million by 1992. It currently handles the shipment of as many as 80,000 vehicles per month.

According to Nissan executive vice president Hidetoshi Imazu, the goal has been reached due to the "collective efforts of our employees, suppliers and local business partners".

He added: "At Oppama Plant, we continually endeavour to meet the goals of our Oppama Challenge – to deliver higher quality vehicles to customers on scheduled delivery times."

Meanwhile, the Japanese automobile manufacturer is said to be in talks with Chrysler over the possibility of producing a new vehicle for the firm.


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