Nissan Micra offers best percentage saving

Motorists interested in scrapping their used cars for a Nissan Micra under the new government scheme could be set to make the greatest percentage saving, it has been stated.

Although all motorists who scrap in their ten-year-old vehicles under the scheme will be given £2,000 towards a new vehicle, Parkers has argued that this is "worthless" on larger cars.

The company reveals that buyers of more expensive vehicles may only be saving around four per cent on the car’s list price, meaning that motorists should consider haggling for further cost cuts.

However, it is revealed that motorists could save as much as 20 per cent off the cost of the list value of a smaller car, with even greater savings potentially available if motorists shop around.

Motorists finding a new car that is priced around £5,000 could save 40 per cent through the £2,000 discount being taken off.

Parkers highlights that in certain places a Nissan Micra can be bought for £6,000, meaning buyers will be saving a third off the list price.

Meanwhile, Nissan recently announced that it would extend the scheme for eight-year-old vehicles being scrapped in favour of a British-built car from the Nissan fleet.


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