Mitsubishi reveals new RA concept in Detroit

Japanese automobile giant Mitsubishi has shown off its latest concept vehicle at a motor show in the US.

According to the firm, the Concept-RA is indicative of a "passion for dynamic driving", while the model has also been put together with the environment firmly in mind.

It added that the vehicle’s diesel engine is fuel efficient and helps to deliver "exciting driving manners".

Mitsubishi commented: "[It] utilises a new catalytic converter system that brings together diesel oxidation catalyst , NOx trap catalyst and diesel particulate filter technologies."

Furthermore, the car features a the Twin Clutch SST that was found in the Lancer Evolution X model but has a lighter body structure due to an aluminum space frame.

Mitsubishi was originally established in Japan in 1870 and trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Its name can be translated to mean three diamonds, as well as great samurai warrior.


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