Mitsubishi hails i City Car ‘runaway success’

Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi has commented on the success of its i City Car.

The company stated that the initial 300 units it released were lapped up by consumers within two and a half weeks, while half of those coming to the UK have already been ordered.

Among the top reasons for purchase are its environmental credentials in addition to its styling.

Indeed, buyers are mostly from the south-east of England where motorists will soon be dealing with congestion charging and road pricing.

"The i has successfully showcased Mitsubishi’s environmental credentials in advance of a range of clean diesel vehicles and even the amazing zero-emission electric i in the next two years," commented the company’s sales and marketing director Lance Bradley.

Mitsubishi was originally founded as a shipping firm by Yataro Iwasaki in 1870 and its headquarters can be found in Japan.

Its name can be translated to Great Samurai Warrior.


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