Mitsubishi Concept-cX ‘offers peace of mind’

When it comes to on-road active safety and off-road ability, Mitsubishi has claimed its Concept-cX vehicle offers dual peace of mind.

The company has stated that it is very much aware of environmental issues and as a result the vehicle will be following its holistic environmental global strategy.

However, the firm has stated that such responsibility does not compromise driving pleasure, stating that the two can work together to produce a conscientious road experience.

Motorists may also be impressed by the vehicle’s appearance when it is displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2007.

"Concept-cX sports a sharp and pure metallic medium blue hue that evokes the image of a crystal-clear lake, while the use of fine aluminium flecks throughout creates a nearly transparent metallic finish," the company stated.

Environmental awareness has been brought to the forefront in recent months following the Live Earth concerts and Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth.


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