Mitsubishi customer service ‘at all-time high’

Automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi claims that its plan to improve its customer service has proved to be a success.

The firm launched the Mitsubishi Service Plan (MSP) in July and has seen satisfaction among new buyers and existing owners reach "an all-time high".

Under the deal, consumers can get their vehicles serviced at the company’s official dealers without paying for the first 50,000 miles of the automobile’s lifespan.

Jim Tyrell, managing director at Mitsubishi UK, hailed the success the dealer network has enjoyed with MSP.

He said: "Our dealers know, and are part of, their community. When local connections, and a passion for their business are aligned with excellent products like MSP, we believe the customer reaps the rewards."

This comes as the company has revealed the prices of its Mitsubishi Lancer range.

Drivers will be able to pick up a vehicle from £12,499 in February.


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