Lancer performs well in police tests

The Metropolitan Police’s test centre at Millbrook recently trialled the Misubishi Lancer 2.0 DI-D GS4.

In a set of tests, designed to replicate the requirements of police vehicles, it performed very well, achieving the highest award for a braking score.

The brakes are subjected to rapid emergency braking from 50 mph to standstill, fifty times, to check the pads and discs. The Lancer completed this in just 13 minutes, 59 seconds, reaching a maximum brake disc temperature of 746 Celsius. The Metropolitan Police awarded the Lancer a ‘Class 1 Pass’ for brake pad wear and localised component durability.

The Lancer was also commended for the redesigned dashboard, boot space, "light and responsive" steering and its handling on the straight and during cornering.


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