Kia C’eed is a “car for Europe”

The Kia C’eed hits British showrooms today and the automaker has described its model as a car that is quintessentially European.

Designed, built and sold exclusively in Europe, the C’eed will replace the Cerato and, according to Kia, will be the catalyst to push the company on to a three per cent share of the UK market and 10,000 annual sales.

The car, a C-segment five-door hatchback, is hoped to take Kia to a level that matches its competitors throughout the continent in terms of packaging, quality, driving dynamics, safety, style and image.

A "unique" warranty package is available with the car, covering the entire drivetrain for seven years or 100,000 miles, while the rest of the car is covered for five years.

According to Kia, this package represents the trust that it has in its new car and suggests that the C’eed can be a "genuine challenger to the European class leaders".

In a statement introducing the vehicle, the company said: "With its dramatic shift in style, European aesthetics, German engineering, unique seven-year manufacturer’s warranty and the value for money that’s always been part of the Kia buying proposition, it’s ideally placed to succeed.

"And the five-door model is not the end of the story. As we revealed at the 2006 Paris Motor Show, we will add a stylish estate later this year, while towards the end of 2007 we will reveal a sporty three-door version."


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