Honda seals deal with Ikea

Honda has signed a deal with Ikea for the Swedish company’s entire car fleet to be replaced with Civic Hybrids.

A total of 50 versions of the model will be supplied this year, with further delivery in 2008.

According to Honda, the deal is recognition of the environmental benefits offered by the Civic Hybrid.

John Kingston, environment manager at Honda UK, said: "Ikea’s commitment to replace its entire fleet with Civic Hybrids is a real-life endorsement of the car and the excellent benefits it offers.

"In terms of cost, fuel efficiency and low-emission driving the Civic Hybrid really stacks up."

Among the advantages of Honda’s hybrid model is a fuel consumption figure of 61.4mpg, CO2 emissions of 109g/km, exemption from the London congestion charge and reduced vehicle tax.

The manufacturer claims that it was recently named the number one manufacturer for fleet support in a survey by Sewells.


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