Honda Civic comes with no catches

There is no catch to the latest Honda Civic, one reviewer has indicated.

Writing for the Times, Jason Dawe remarked that the appearance of the car will even appeal to male petrolheads, through its "sporty low roofline and wraparound headlights".

Meanwhile, the 2.2-litre turbodiesel offering allows a driver to witness solid levels of speed and acceleration without having a too negative effect on the environment.

Mr Dawe added that the vehicle can accelerate from still to 60 miles per hour in under nine seconds, while still allowing a motorist to be able to complete more than 50 miles per gallon of fuel.

Alternatively, motorists could opt for a 1.4-litre petrol engine or a 1.8-litre petrol offering, which offers greater speed with little change to the fuel economy.

Furthermore, he revealed that the sporty appearance of the vehicle continues on the road through a firmer ride, while the vehicle is also said to provide strong residual values and good reliability.

Those interested in buying a Honda Civic also have the dilemma of which colour to choose, with options including Tangerine Orange Metallic, Nighthawk Black Pearl and Milano Red.


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