Xmas shopping left on the backseat of a car is ‘an open invitation to thieves’

Northumbria Police have said that drivers who leave their Christmas shopping unattended on the back seat of a car are in effect issuing "an open invitation" to opportunist thieves.

The warning is not a casual one – patrolling police and Community Support Officers in North Tyneside have been keeping a tally of the registration details of cars at risk from lurking thieves and issuing letters to the absent drivers reminding them of the possible folly of their action.

The ‘Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Christmas’ campaign is urging residents to put their expensive shopping in the boot – away from greedy, prying eyes.

Parking your car in well-lit spots is also recommended by the campaign as it could make car burglars think twice about breaking in.

Another common security mistake made by drivers is to leave a watermark on the windscreen when they remove sat nav devices. This alerts thieves to the fact that there is a sat nav device and could encourage them to try to break in to look in the boot, glove compartment or under car seats.

Written by Roxy Moran


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