Hoon pleased that new Think electric car is coming to London

Secretary of State for Transport Geoff Hoon has welcomed the news that the new Think electric car is to be rolled out in London.

The Norwegian owners of the Think company have targeted London as its research shows that the capital city is one of the most electric car-friendly places in Europe.

Mr Hoon said: "I am pleased that Think sees London as one of the most attractive markets in Europe to roll out their electric vehicles.

"We want to see more electric and other low emission cars on roads in the UK, as we move towards a low carbon future."

London should be the ideal place for the Think car as electric cars attract no road tax costs, are exempt from the London congestion charge and you can park such motors free of charge in many places there.

Gordon Brown was recently pictured with a Think car in Downing Street as he discussed the vehicles many merits with Richard Blundell, managing director of Think UK.

The car should be on the streets of London next year.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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  1. Evoasis charging stations will be rolling out in London in the new year and we are car agnostic. It is great Think, BYD, Zip & Zap will be around to provide EV plug-ins for Londoners. Its important car makers have an open pin platform so all can fast charge safely and easily.