Higher taxes ‘won’t help’ PM’s electric car ambition

That is the opinion of the Environmental Transport Association (ETA), a not-for-profit ethical organisation providing motorists with carbon-neutral breakdown cover and insurance products.

The ETA acknowledged that recent increases in the price of fuel and road tax have boosted sales of smaller and more efficient cars, but does not share the prime minister’s 2020 vision that these costs will help make possible a total switch to alternative-fuel vehicles within the next twelve years.

A spokesperson for the ETA said: "Many government ministers already have the use of a Toyota Prius hybrid car, but at almost £18,000 this type of car is out of reach for most people.

"High motoring taxes cannot cajole every British driver into an electric car if the market is not ready."

The spokesperson added that Mr Brown hadn’t considered the fact that "if all drivers today switched from conventionally-powered vehicles to electric cars, the national grid would be unable to cope".


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