Half of British drivers think electric cars have exhaust pipes

New research conducted by the British International Motor Show has rather worryingly discovered that 58 per cent of British drivers think that electric cars have exhaust pipes.

Even more people (85 per cent) do not know their own car’s emissions level, so it is not surprising that over half (60 per cent) admit to feeling ‘confused about emissions’.

This confusion extends to 52 per cent not knowing which tax band their car falls into although 70 per cent claim they care about reducing emissions when driving.

One in six (15 per cent) are adamant that water comes out of electric car’s engines while four per cent cling to the belief that hybrid cars are in fact two cars welded together.

But help is at hand for these confused Brits who could correct their green misconceptions by popping along to the British International Motor Show.

The event will showcase the biggest collection of greener vehicles, zero-emissions vehicles and ‘green’ automotive technologies the UK has ever seen under one roof.

Stunning electric vehicles due to be displayed include the Electric Lightning, the Tesla Roadster, models from G-Wiz and the new brand Quiet Cars.


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