City’s decision to reverse electric car perk is ‘daft’

The decision to put an end to free parking for electric vehicles in the City of London has been derided as "daft" by the co-founder of electric car company Nice.

The reason for the move is that the scheme has become "too successful" – but Julian Wilford argues that this is no reasonable basis to cancel an initiative.

"The reasons for scrapping this incentive are plain daft," he commented.

"The City’s Department of Environmental Services has said that free parking encourages people to use electric cars; surely that’s the point?"

Electric cars are kinder on the environment than petrol and diesel alternatives as they emit no air quality pollutants or carbon dioxide, Mr Wilford says.

He went on to speculate that the City’s decision was made with a financial, rather than environmental, view in mind.

"Car makers are moving mountains to bring electric models to market, but we have cars on sale now," added Wilford.

"Removing this incentive creates uncertainty at a time when consumers need clear, long-term signals on the benefits of clean, electric motoring. The City’s approach is the worst kind of green wash."

The government is set to release its renewable energy strategy imminently, in which it is set to emphasise the benefits of boosting the electric vehicle market.


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