Toyota Auris Video Review

A video review of the Toyota Auris by Steven Eagell Toyota –


Hi, I’m Lionel and I work for Steven Eagell Toyota and I’m here to show you around the all new Auris.

This is the all new Toyota Auris which has been given a whole new design language both exterior and interior.

The whole car is built lower than it’s previous model and the front of the car has got angular lines which gives it a sporty look and an A shaped front grill, this is the XL model.

Some of the features you benefit from are integrated turning signal, 17″ alloy wheels, dusk sensing headlamps, retractable wing mirrors and rear privacy glass.

Now we have a look at the back of the car which is sleek design similar to the front, it gives a sporty feel with a sweeping tail light that wraps around the side of the car and brings the whole design together.

The new bigger boot has been design to accommodate the size and shape of luggage that driver’s are most likely to use. This particular model we are looking at is the 5 door but you can have the Auris in a 3 door as well.

So the whole dash has had a re-design it’s much more flat on the dash just here so it’s quite easy to reach all these buttons and knobs around.

You have the dual climate control air conditioning which means you can have a different temperature for the passenger and a different temperature for the driver.

You have heated seats which come on the XL as standard and you have auxiliary and your iPod connection so with just the memory card with your music on you can listen to it through the radio system.

You have the reverse camera on the touch and go system which obviously comes up on the screen just here to show you what is happening behind you.

You have the Bluetooth which you can connect your mobile phone to, you have the multimedia system which means that you can control your iPod or your iPhone straight on the touch screen system you have here.

On the steering wheel here is quite a good feel too because it’s got leather so a good feel to it.

You’ve got your radio controls on here so you can control your radio at the same time you have your cruise control which is just tucked at the bottom over here so you can use that on the motorway and you’ve got your controls here to answer and drop calls if you like.

The lights are automatic so they will come on automatically when it gets dark, you have automatic wipers so when it starts raining that comes on automatically.

I hope this has given you enough information to help you make that decision when you are going to buy your new Auris, if you need any more information please visit us at Steven Eagell Toyota.


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  1. Matthew Devonshire on

    Great review!! I love all the additional features such as climate control air-conditioning, screen for rear view parking and Ipod connection. Very slick and stylish looking car!!