Nissan Note Video Review


Hi my names Neil, I work for West London Motor Group Nissan dealer at Mill Hill.

I’m here to show you around the Nissan Note.

As we look around the exterior of the Nissan Note, you’ll see that a lot of the features are colour coded on the car, for example; the bumpers, the door mirrors and the door handles and the side rubber strips. It comes standard with a set of alloy wheels on this model.

As well as rear parking sensors and tinted glass. Right, this is the inside of the Nissan Note.

The Nissan Note is a very practical vehicle.

As you look across the car you will see lots of storage units for the car, little cubby holes, and places where you can pop your bits and pieces.

With regards to the features on the car, it has a driver and passenger airbag along with two side airbags.

You’ve got air conditioning on the car; across the front you’ve got steering wheel controls that you can access your radio, change the radio stations.

Also fitted on here, you can power up your mobile phone so if someone calls you it will the cut out the radio and you will get a dialling tone come through and you can answer it, and hang up the phone from this button here.

Just talk through the car as you normally would do in a conversation.

Across the front here is a radio unit, it’s all a touchscreen unit, and you’ve got a CD player complimented on it.

You can also pair up your ipod, so you can download your music and access all your songs from on here.

And there’s a built in satellite navigation unit. On the navigation literally, just put the destination in and it will talk you through, when you need to turn, how longs left of the journey.

It will also pick up if there’s any speed cameras in the area that your around as well. It also has front electric windows, some of the models have rear electric windows.

Its remote central locking, its fitted standard with ABS brakes.

With regard to the seating position you will see, very good windscreen, very clear vision. Your seat, you’ve got height adjustment on there. Your steering wheel comes up and down, and for added comfort you’ve got an armrest on here as well.

If you need any further assistance with regard to the Nissan Note, please contact us at West London Motor Group. Thanks for watching.


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