Citroen plots return of legendary DS

Used Citroen dealers will be excited to hear the French manufacturer is planning to bring back one of its most iconic cars, the DS.

The Citroen DS was first launched over 50 years ago, but the company is now looking to launch a series of cars for the 21st century that will be based on the original DS model.

The move is aimed at capitalising on the success of similar revamps of old classics such as the Mini.

Used Citroen dealers should benefit from the relaunch, as the return of the classic DS is likely to result in a surge in demand for the original version.

Although the current model is being described as a concept car, rather than one ready to roll off the production line, the new DS could be available for customers by 2010.

In the meantime, used Citroen dealers can expect a rush of enquiries about the old DS model as savvy motorists look to get ahead of the game.

Citroen hopes the new DS can spearhead its rebranding efforts over the coming months and push up demand for the marquee.

The DS was first launched in 1955, to huge public appreciation, on the famous Champs Elysee in Paris and went on to secure its place in France’s history when it helped save president Charles de Gaulle from an assassination attempt.

Written by Chris Malone


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