Daringly original Citroen Hypnos scoops top car award

The Citroen Hypnos has been voted Concept Car of the Year 2008 at the Autocar Magazine awards.

The prize is recognition of Hypnos’s innovative features and futuristic technology.

Prime examples can be seen all around the car’s interior. Take a quick peek inside and you can experience the calming sensation provided by thermo-sensitive ambient lighting, look at a unique faceless clock and appreciate diamond-shaped instrument clusters.

Four ‘morphologically-sculpted’ seats configured in a DNA double helix-inspired arrangement have pivotal blades containing features such as the air-conditioning.

Citroen designers are confident that they have come up trumps with the rainbow colouring of the interior, which was chosen to complement the car’s moody grey exterior.

Managing director of Citroen UK, Xavier Duchemin, said: “Although Hypnos is a concept its innovative diesel electric hybrid will become available on our future models and this bold, confident new styling is evident in our upcoming vehicles such as the C3 Picasso.”

Used Citroen dealers will be looking forward to selling the Hypnos on their forecourts.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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