Citroen launches emissions promotion

A new promotion has been launched by Citroen in order to get people to consider purchasing a low emissions vehicle.

The campaign – named Go Lo CO2 – sees motorists pick up bonuses for switching their vehicles for a more environmentally-friendly one.

Citroen are no strangers to the green movement, having already picked up two Car Manufacturer of the Year awards from GreenFleet.

One such benefit is a special cashback payment of up to £1,000, while other deals available from the manufacturer can see people picking up zero per cent finance for taking out selected models.

"Citroen is firmly committed to and is increasingly being recognised for producing affordable cars that feature cutting-edge technologies to minimise their impact on the environment," the company commented.

French automaker Citroen was found in 1919 and is a subsidiary of PSA Peugeot.

The firm’s headquarters can be found in Paris, France.


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