Mitsubishi shogun sport, which is the better model?

mitsubishi shogun sport, I'm currently looking at this model for my next purchase and I'm wondering which is the better model, the 2.5Ltd (any spec') or the 3.0L V6. Any advise is most welcome, thanks

Asked by john

The Shogun Sport was around over a long period (1998 to 2006) and, depending on age and model, it looks like official fuel consumption (rarely achieved in practice) ranges from the low to high twenties to the gallon. The V6 is the thirstiest of course. There could be as much as £200/year difference in annual car tax depending on the age and model too so check details carefully on the V5C.
There are user reviews of both models in the reviews section but you’d have to drive both yourself to decide which performance you prefer.


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