New Nissans to feature fuel efficiency gauge

Nissan has announced that all of its new vehicles in the future will be fitted with a fuel efficiency gauge.

The company stated that this will help drivers keep an eye on how environmentally-friendly they are when they are on the road.

When a motorist accelerates, he or she will see the amount of fuel on the dial increase and vice-versa, with trials from the company indicating that the gauge does actually help people stay mindful of their ecological output.

Research from the Japanese manufacturer also found that drivers improved their accelerating and braking strategies, resulting in a smoother experience.

The project comes as part of the firm’s overall efforts to launch a number of environmental strategies under its Green Program 2010 plan.

Earlier this week, Nissan told the financial press that it still expects to meet its forecast for 2008, despite the rise of the yen against the dollar.


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