A smarter decade

This is the tenth anniversary year of the smart car.

To celebrate there will be a meeting of the owners’ club, which has some 26,000 members, at Brooklands, Mercedes Benz World, on Saturday 21 June 2008.

Al Young, chairman and managing director of Thesmartclub, said: "Last year, around 1,200 cars took part, but as this year is smart’s tenth anniversary, we’re hoping that smart clubs from across Europe will join in and make it an even bigger event.

Dermot Kelly, managing director of the Mercedes car group, added: "Mercedes-Benz World is one of the UK’s most popular visitor attractions and is perfectly suited to hold this annual smart celebration. The enthusiasm the smart community has for the brand gives me confidence that the 2008 smart Festival will be one of the most memorable gatherings in the brand’s history."

Author Paul Jackson has been a smart fanatic since the model’s debut, owning several models, and has now written a book – "the little book of smart ". It costs £7.99 and can be ordered from publisher Veloce books.


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