Will Rome host a F1 street race?

Rome could soon be hosting a Formula One race on its streets if a proposal gathers support, Reuters has reported.

Former Formula Two driver and World Superbike promoter Maurizio Flammini is the man suggesting that Italy gets a second spot on the F1 calendar, an idea he first put forward 25 years ago.

According to a city council spokesman: "It’s an idea Flammini has proposed and mayor Gianni Alemanno has said it is possible."

In fact it is Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone who is likely to have the final say and he is likely to remind the Romans that there is a long queue of cities bidding to host a Grand Prix event.

Many North Americans are still smarting that they no longer have a Formula One race of their own, while Germany and Japan only get to see the F1 circus up-close every other year.

Ecclestone has pencilled in 2010 as the year that the sport will visit South Korea, with India likely to get its turn the following year.

Written by James Christie


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