Webber: ‘Lewis has had it easy’

Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber has commented that Lewis Hamilton has had a lot smoother introduction to the sport than most of his rivals.

Webber told the BBC: "For me, the way Lewis came through the ranks so quickly, he had a pretty smooth run.

"He came through the junior ranks quickly but in the best equipment – not many drivers have that option."

But the Red Bull-Renault driver did acknowledge that the Brit did "deliver" when the acid test of being appointed driver for McLaren happened.

Webber admitted that there had been jealousy among the drivers at how quickly Hamilton has risen to the top, but will next season’s rule changes bridge the gap between the bottom and top teams and make the task of McLaren retaining the championship harder?

The 32-year-old doesn’t think so and even believes that it "might get even bigger in terms of overall timings".

We will start to find out whether his gloomy prediction comes true when the season resumes in Webber’s home Grand Prix in March.

Written by James Christie


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