Red Bull buy back Berger’s 50% stake in Toro Rosso

Red Bull has reassumed full control of Toro Rosso after buying back the 50 per cent stake in the company acquired by former Formula One driver Gerhard Berger in 2006.

Toro Rosso was formed in 2005 when Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of drinks manufacturer Red Bull, acquired the Minardi team which for so long had formed the Formula One rearguard.

However, under the stewardship of Berger the team has been given a new lease of life and won its first ever grand prix in Italy.

According to Berger, who will step down from his role as team boss, it is only natural that Red Bull has decided to reacquaint itself fully with the Toro Rosso project.

"A 100 per cent financing of a joint project by one partner can only make sense, to my mind, at an initial stage," he explained.

"This stage is over now. That’s why Red Bull will take over the shares again."

Berger won 11 grands prix in his career, and famously formed a long-standing partnership at Ferrari with Jean Alesi in the 1990s.


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